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With permission from the vet Kathryn has treated my horses on several occasions. Fortunately living close by I am able to have regular checkups for the horses and dogs. Her hand techniques are firm and soothing, the massage itself is sheer pleasure, and with the addition of the magneto pulse and laser machine many pulled tendons, strains and stiffness have been rectified and the horses kept in work.

Fifteen years ago I bought a horse and soon found out that she had many problems, sore back stiff hocks. After three years of vets and searching for a suitable saddle and many riding problems I met Kathryn. She set me up with a suitable saddle (that my horse was happy and at ease with). She also helped with our riding issues. Eleven years later I still have the same saddle which has had the occasional flocking adjustment. Kathryn checks it on a regular basis. My horse has a back like a youngster, no high narrow withers, no muscle damage or dipping back, she is rising twenty one and moving better than she ever has, she is a pleasure to ride and it has been an interesting learning curve.

J. Gruber