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Animal Physiotherapy

We usually encounter physiotherapy following an injury or operation but all animals that are worked be it a light hack or full competition need physiotherapy on a regular basis. If you have an animal that is in light work, a couple of times a year may be all that is necessary, possibly carried out at the same time as all those other routine things like the dentist and inoculations, but if you are heavily into competition it may increase up to once every few weeks.

Remember prevention is better than cure. If however you're animal has had an accident I can help with rehabilitation using massage lasers and magneto pulse. It is crucial that after what might appear to be a minor injury to get it checked as it can lead to complications later on for example arthritis. I work with the vet's permission which must always be sought before treating any animal. Following an operation I can help with wound healing and particularly with a horse that is having box rest as it is important to support the rest of the body during this time.

Dogs and cats also need help from time to time, if your dog competes in agility work or has had an operation for example a cruciate ligament repair, it is important to help them get back to normal as quickly as possible, and dogs who compete may well benefit from regular checkups.

Prices start at £30 for a single treatment.