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About: Kathryn Sands Dip

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I live and work in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area, my background is in the endurance world. I have three horses Dallas who is in his forties is an Arab Cob X. Kofi is 14 and is an Arab Connemara and Bailey who is an Irish Draught and is also 14. I also share my house with two dogs Jenny and Lucky

My riding experience dates back to my childhood which eventually progressed to endurance competitions with Dallas, but found that he became tired and his back very sore when asked to go further than twenty miles due to ill fitting saddles. After several years, and hundreds of pounds later, I finally found a saddle that worked for him. By this time he was in his mid twenties, he then qualified to enter the Golden Horseshoe Ride at Exmoor (a 75 mile endurance ride), and together we won a bronze medal.

Following this experience I trained to become a saddle consultant, entering the horse industry in 1990 so that I could help other people in the same situation, to my horror I found many others facing the same problems that I had encountered. I had thought that I was the only one in this situation but it was good to talk to many other people, listen to their stories and realise that this was a common problem.

After having seen so many horses that I could not provide a saddle for because of issues with their body or damage from an ill fitting saddle, I trained for two and a half years to become an animal physiotherapist. I can now help more horses and riders to come back into work using massage techniques, laser treatment and magnetic therapy. I can also help our canine friends with the same techniques.

I can offer several other services these include, Saddle consultations; Physiotherapy; Lectures; Demonstrations; Dismounted workshops; minor reflocking and riding lessons.